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The Jackal & Stone Cold

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A community for Jason Morgan & Damian Spinelli of ABC's General Hospital.
Welcome to GH_JaSpin!

This is a community meant for the friendship between General Hospital's Jason Morgan and Damien Spinelli. Fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, spoilers and discussions are all welcome in the community.

In addition to the friendship between the two characters, any and all fans of a relationship between the two are more than welcome as well. Which means, yes, this can be considered a slash community. Please be respectful and if you don't agree with that, please refrain from any bashing. I've dealt with it in communities before, and I will not hesitate to put an end to it.

So, again. Welcome!

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Now, getting down to buisness, there are several requirements for being a part of this community. That's just a nice way of introducing the rules, you know. ^-^v


1.) PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. There is no excuse whatsoever to copy someone's work and claim it as your own. If you are found to be plagiarisng someone's work, your post will be removed immediately and you will be removed and banned from this community without warning. This rule is one that we feel is not required to be explained. If you plagiarize, you will be removed without warning.

2.) Posting. I'm requring posts to be Friend's Locked for the time being. It's for the safety of this community and the individuals who post here. Please bear with the rule for a while, maybe it will be lifted one day in the future.

What you can post:
-:- Fanfiction
-:- Fanart
-:- Graphics [icons, wallpapers, colorbars, etc.]
-:- Fansite Links

How to Post
It is required that all posts have a subject line describing the contents of that post. [i.e. fanfiction, fanart, graphics, etc.] For fanfiction, a title and the chapter progress (or Oneshot/PWP) is required. Example: That Night -- 1/1 -- Fic (or Fanfiction)

**All multiple-chapter fics must be posted with links to previous chapters! Please do so! It's quite the hassle screening through post after post to catch up!!

All fanfictions must be posted using the Lj-Cut format. [(lj-cut)] Outside of the cut, it is required that fanfiction is described using this form:

Title: I hope this explains itself.
Author: Please identify the author of the work. If you are posting for someone else, make sure that is known before you're thought to be plagiarising!!!
Chapter: Identify whether or not the fiction is a Oneshot, PWP, or if it's a chapter story; #/#'s
Rating: MUST.
G(K) - General Audiences. There is no cursing, adult situations, action/violence. Think Whinnie the Pooh.
PG(K+) - Mild cursing, adult situations, action/violence scenes aren't graphic.
Pg-13(T) - Cursing is done tastefully, adult situations increased, action/violence is somewhat graphic, but not explicit.
R(M) - Stronger cursing, adult situations are insinuated or graphic innuendos are used, action/violence.
NC-17(M) - Explicit sexual situations, cursing, action and violence.
Warnings: This is required if your work contains the following: Death, Underage, Non-con/rape, explicit sexual scenes [BDSM/kink/etc], extreme violence, extreme drug use.
Genre: Fluff, Smut, Humor, Romance, Horror, Violence, etc.
Characters/Pairings: It speaks for itself.
Synopsis: Give us a general summary of the story so we get an idea for the plot.
Author's Note: Anything you'd like here in regards to your work.

For Graphics
In order to post a grapic, it cannot be any larger than 75 pixels tall by 300 pixels wide maximum unless posted under an LJ-Cut. Please put in the subject line that images are beneath the cut--large, small, whatever you want. Icons: a preview of 3 icons are allowed outside of the cut. The rest must be beneath it.

3.) Manners. It shouldn't have to be pointed out here, but please be nice. Manners are very much appreciated here; please and thank you, you're welcome. This is not a place to bash and flame.

4.) Topic. STAY ON TOPIC. Posts are to be based on GH, Jason, and Spinelli, which should again go without saying, and if they aren't, they are subject to be removed.

5.) Commenting. Comments are required to be English-based as this is an English community, and though we respect that there are individuals here who don't speak English as a first language, please try to post in english. And comments cannot be disabled. Why post your work if you're going to disable the comments? Please don't post a link to a fanwork if that entry is locked. We're not requring any of our members to join personal journals or other communities for a single entry, otherwise post it with an LJ-Cut to this community.

6.) Spam. Unless it's GH, Jason, or Spinelli spam, it's not allowed here. Spamming is annoying and rather frustrating, too. Or if permission is granted by the mod - same goes for advertising other comms.

7.) Feedback. It's good to comment every once in a while. Don't be a lurker!

This community is in no way, shape, or form affiliated with ABC, General Hospital, Steve Burton or Bradford Anderson.

Moderator: csi_sanders1129
Email: Animegirl1129@msn.com

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